Traffic & Missed Flights

When we schedule your pick-up, we will suggest an appropriate pick-up time, based on our experience, to ensure a safe and smooth journey to your destination. We cannot be held responsible for late arrivals, missed flights, or re-booking fees incurred due to traffic or other unexpected delays, as these are out of our control.

Lost Items

We are not responsible for items left in vehicles, however we make every attempt to recover and return personal items.

Use of Credit Card

Authorization of credit card information must be verified at time of reservation. Your confirmation receipt authorizes us to assess and process applicable charges to the assigned credit card as explained in the trip confirmation. Final charges are subject to our audit.


24 hour notice to cancel your reservation is required to avoid full charge to your credit card (unless otherwise specified in your confirmation).


Deposits are non-refundable.


20% Gratuity of contract cost is suggested. If a cash tip is not paid to driver, we will process a 20% gratuity on your credit card.

Reasonable Use and Condition

We reserve the right to determine what exceeds reasonable use and condition of our vehicles. A reconditioning charge may apply if vehicle is returned with excessive sand, soil and/or stain damage.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco

We strictly prohibit using all tobacco products in our vehicles.

Zero Tolerance

Clients are asked to respect our zero tolerance policy described in detail as follows: Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in our vehicles.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone intoxicated to the extent where they present potential harm to self, other passengers or drivers.

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